Silver Ravenwolf (Elf Fighter)

Born Astrea Ithilkir, daughter of an unconventional elven family who balanced their reluctance to interfere in the lives of the younger races with an equal reluctance to give up the trappings and luxuries associated with their former rank. They remained living among humans (first in Ardeal and then Caliphas), using their wealth to establish themselves as bankers and financiers, and their longevity to employ long-term investment strategies and reap the benefits of compound interest.

Astrea was raised on stories of the family’s noble ancestors who fought in the Shining Crusade, but with the expectations that she would join the family business – something that she found unspeakably dull by comparison. This led to a series of acts of rebellion, eventually leading her to begin associating with dissidents and anarchists; at the time she saw it all as being a game, but when her family found out they ensured that anyone she had been with was brought to justice as harshly as possible.

Not realising that her family was acting to protect her, rather than simply protecting their reputation, Astrea ran away from home in search of the life of adventure that her ancestors had lived. In addition to her personal armaments she also stole The Grace of Erillia; an heirloom weapon forged at the time of the Shining Crusade. Initially she thought of herself as following in the footsteps of her ancestors on a one-woman crusade of her own, and to some extent this is still the case, but she has also returned to her anarchist roots now that she is out in the real world.

Faced for the first time in her life with the prospect of having to fend for herself, Astrea (or as she now calls herself, Silver Ravenwolf) quickly fell back on the only previous experience she had of life outside the privileged life her family offered her; her memories of her time among the anarchists and workers of Caliphas. Merging the two ideas, she aims to become a figurehead of a revolution that will not only cleanse Ustalav of any lingering taint of evil, but also result in the proletariat throwing off the shackles of the State and forming anarcho-syndicalist communities.

Her first step in spreading her message to the masses has been to enlist in Thrushmoor’s Sleepless Agency, using the wide-ranging missions they assign her to as an opportunity to travel among the common people and rally them to her cause. Her religious affiliation is maltheist; she views the gods with the same contempt as the various States of the world.


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