Sigmund von Valice

Name : Sigmund Von Valice

Level : Paladin 1

Alignment : Lawful Good

Diety : Sarenrae

Homeland : Andoran

Race : Human

Gender : Male

Age : 24

Born the youngest child of the von Valice family, an averagely famous house of nobles which became wealthy from exotic good trading and more political influential among the people council of Andoran, Sigmund was ridiculed by his sibling as a “black sheep” while the others were zestfully enjoying dancing in ballroom, feasting extravagant meal, chatting, as the way that noble do, he kept himself quietly in library read everything he could, and passionately studied tales of indomitable heroes who devout themselves to help innocents and endlessly fought against all kinds of evil. Since when he was young, he never likes politics and business handling. From his point of view, those are ways one accumulates wealth and power for their own, not distribute to other.

Sigmund’s idealism had become more ridiculous among his family when he decided to study theology and medicine while others parlaying politics. Fierce arguments eventually broke out when he converted himself to the service of Sarenrae as his patron goddess instead of Abadar. Being threaten to be an outcast, he grabbed everything he could and fled away, hoping for adventure and glory which was waiting him outside his noble shell. He never worry about his parents, they have more than enough men to take care of, but never for those in need.

Life outside protective manor walls is never easy, but he was well aware of it. His proficiency in art of healing and resourceful knowledge is too invaluable to be ignored for any kinds of adventure troupe, throughout almost five years that he made many friends from various parts of society, caravan, mercenaries, scholar, and priest. Apart from being skillful, his also has strong personality and very loyal mind also made him had easy time getting along with others. However, throughout almost five years of his adventure wasn’t the most joyous ride, countless time that he had to run away from hungry wolfs, fight off hobgoblin raids, take part in inevitable fights. After wandering aimlessly around the northern coast of Gorarion for five year, he went north to a perfect place for him, Lastwall, the pinnacle of goodness and courage, There, the mighty army of brave soldiers tirelessly fight against savage orcs along the northwest border and watched over greater evils around Gallowspire without a single blink.

Due to his skills and experience accumulated for many years, he quickly rose in his military career and worked behind the frontline as an expert healer and logistic adviser. After one year of his service, one of the most gruesome orc warlord mobilized many thousand orc and goblin troops came dangerously close to vulnerable eastern border of Ustalav. He was enlisted to support at great hill fort in remote grassland many, many miles away from Vigil the capital, as a critical strategic location holding ground against orcs army while Ustalav and Lastwall were mobilized their own force to counterattack.

The defending at great hill fort went downhill as the defenders were virtually outnumbered. Sigmund, terrified, and frustrated with the thing was happening in his very eyes, almost every minute that wounded brethren were taking inside his medical tents. Knowledge and skills couldn’t help much since many injuries were horrible beyond redeem. He was by no mean new to fighting, but no.. that wasn’t fighting, it was a slaughter, mass murder… ten days long after being siege, desperately, he did everything he could but available men and supply nearly ran out as well as morale of soldier while the main armies still had no sign to show up.

It was his darkest hour but in darkness there is a shed of light, he felt a warm golden light surround him coming along with a slightest whisper in his ear, he walked out of his tent, donned the best armour he could find, grab nearest sword and shield he could reach, joining the rank of last group of defenders who stationed at their own walls. Saranrae had granted his shield, called knowledge to save people, now it was a time she granted his sword, called courage to fight against evil. That was dawned on him that the best way to save people life is prevent them to be harmed at the first place. The fight continued for almost two days before the main army showed up, orcs army were defeated and scattered away. The fight had ended but for Sigmund, it was just a beginning of his quest of glory.

Renowned by his skills and bravery at the great hill fort, he later joined the Order of Paladin of Vigil. While the majority of paladin radiant their mighty flame of Iomede’s justice, Sigmund uniquely shine out his faith by the warmth of golden light of mercy Sarenrae.

His dark time has gone, the grim news still to come, a letter send to him telling that Professor Lorrimor, the wisest from Ustalav who he respect the most has passed away. He got to know the Professor since when he arrived to Lastwall, firstly met each other in a war academy where Lorrimor was invited to be a part-time lecturer of military strategy, like a wise master and energetic apprentice, Sigmund impressed by great amount of knowledge his master possesses and love discussing many kind of knowledge various from ancient lore, theology, medicine to philosophy. He has rarely met the Professor since he was enlisted to the backline but this news is so breath-taking, like another precious thing of him and this world has gone with no return.

The date of funeral is numbered, while he collects his equipments. Sword ,shield, and armour are ready, Ustalav is not a safe haven, and some malicious evils are lurking in shadows of this mysterious forbidden realm. He must be prepared….

Character Sheet (level 1)


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