Roguard Ghaler

Name: Roguard Ghaler (Treyes)    

Level: Cleric 1

Alignment: Lawful Neutral                                                              

Deity: Pharasma

Homeland: Vieland/Barstoi                                                             

Race: Human

Gender: Male                                                                                           

Age: Early 40s

Background: His father, Venton Treyes, was educated at the Lepidstadt University as an anthropologist. Here he gained a reputation for average fieldwork and mediocrity, marked only by a close working relationship with Professor Lorrimer (more as an assistant than an equal). On an expedition to the foothills of the Tusk Mountains he met a woman from one of the native communities, and the two fell in love. Shortly after, she revealed that she was pregnant with their child, and also that she was of Kellid descent and involved in the forbidden practices of the Old Cults. Concerned for the safety of the child, after the birth their son was sent to live with his father’s family in Barstoi.

Unfortunately, his arrival coincided with the rise to power of Count Aericnein Neska. Roguard’s aunt Ailandra and uncle Ludick were minor landowners; holding the rights to a barely profitable salt mine. They were able to ensure that he was fed and clothed, and provided with stately (if somewhat decaying) accomodation. Here he grew up alongside their daughter, Carmina. However, Roguard aspired to greater things and saw the Pharasmin Church as a chance to realise the dreams that his adopted family couldn’t provide.

His true heritage was kept from him in order to preserve his safety from the theocratic regime, so it was without any realisation of the danger that, when he came of age, he joined the Pharasmin church. Initially he was a lay-member, but gradually the message of Pharasma (filtered through Count Neska’s decrees) called to him, and he joined the priesthood. A senior member of the faith taking him under her wing, marvelling at his dedication as he brought one of his childhood friends to “justice” after he confided that his daughter was displaying signs of innate arcane power.

With his patron grooming him to succeed her, Roguard was a rising star of the church. Until the day that news reached him that his uncle had been mortally wounded in an accident at the mine and was on his deathbed. Several years prior, his aunt had succumbed to a strain of congenital insanity that ran in her family and had taken her own life. Roguard had always been closer to her than his uncle, after Ailandra’s death Roguard and Ludick had allowed communication between them to lapse. Realising that this was his last chance to make amends with his uncle, raced back to the family estate several miles outside Sturnidae.

Rather than restoring the familal bond with his uncle, he was met by the last remaining servant, who informed him that his uncle had died the night before. The estate was to be left to Carmina and her husband, but the will also dictated that Roguard receive a trunk that had arrived from Vieland, and which had been kept locked in the cellar ever since. The trunk contained his father’s journals from his expeditions into the wild places of Vieland.

Reading them on the return journey to Vische, he discovered the truth of his lineage; that his mother was an unnamed daughter of the Kellid people, who betrayed her family in order to save her child’s life. There were even dark hints of unspeakable rites that her people performed, and suggestions that she had willingly participated. Fearing what his brethren in the church would do if they found out, and deeply ashamed of his impure blood, he abandoned his patron and joined the Pharasmin Penitence. However, rather than joining one of the monasteries, he became a mendicant (feeling that the chance to travel would keep him away from the scrutiny of his fellows).

Since then he has travelled the country, working to spread the word of Pharasma (specifically the Pharasmin Penitence), in the hope that by bearing the burden of his “tainted” Kellid blood and resultant separation from his brethren, he will prove himself in the eyes of his goddess. His father’s journals made mention of Professor Lorrimer; as a mentor, there was no indication that Venton had confided in him about his dalliance with a native Vielander. With this in mind, Roguard had been working his way across the country towards Lepidstadt, hoping that the Professor might be able to answer his questions regarding his mother’s identity.

On his arrival at the university, Roguard found that, once again, he had arrived too late; word had reached Lepidstadt of the Professor’s death the night before. And yet again, there was a message for him, acknowledging him as Venton Treyes’ heir inviting him to attend the reading of the will in his place…

Character Sheet (level 1)


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  1. Lorinthor Says:

    What part of team torture includes bardic tendencies.
    Do you sing to them while ripping out their finger nails?

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