Malvern Rimonus

Malvern Rimonus grew up a street punk, in the side-streets and back alleys of Caliphas, stealing from the drunk and otherwise distracted inhabitants and visitors to the decadent city. His was a poor family, who had no way of keeping Malvern off the streets and mixing with street gangs and the local thieves guild, and it was often that they’d dare him to steal trinkets from wealthiest and more dangerous targets. It was during one of these attempts, in his early twenties, when he was caught by the guard on one of the more exotic merchant caravans that had just reached the city. Had not Professor Lorrimor stepped in at that moment to prevent the guard enacting brutal violent justice on the unarmed young man, he may well have died there, but the Professor had dealing with the merchants, and had money with which to persuade the guard to exercise leniency and look the other way. Professor Lorrimor, for his part, returned Malvern to his parents place and explained something of what had happened. In return for his aid they promised to leave that foul city and to start afresh somewhere new. Malvern took just two things with him away from Caliphas, the young dog he’d found stray on the streets and a small tattoo of a coiled rat on his right shoulder, to remind him of what he once was.

Whilst Malvern’s parents sought out a home in a town not too far from Caliphas, Malvern himself found it hard to fight the lure of the city and the temptation to seperate fools from his money. He therefore took his keen wits out into the forests, where he could live a simpler life, distracting himself with the concerns of day to day survival and dedicating himself to learning about the many things the real world outside the city walls had to offer. However, he never forgot what the Professor had done for him (and, through extension, for his family) and when he found out about the Professor’s funeral on one of his trips back to see his parents, he packed up his meagre belongings and set off to pay his respects to the man who saved him from an almost certain bloody death on the streets of Caliphas.


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