Dieter Morgen (Human Barbarian)

Name: Dieter Morgen
Level: Fighter 12/Barbarian 1
Alignment: Neutral Good
Homeland: Ulfen
Deity: Desna
Race: Human (Half-Orc)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 294lbs

Dieter serves as one of the youngest captains of the Ulfen Warriors. Although not evil aligned, the Ulfen Warriors are sworn to protect the chaotic evil Queen Elvannia, daughter of the witch, Baba Yaga. The details of the contract have long since been forgotten, but the Ulfen Warriors remain loyal to their end.

Dieter has led countless battles against Orc Raiding parties and has earned himself a reputation for being lethal in battle. He once led a detachment of 50 Ulfen Warriors to reclaim the City of Holvirgang from a frost giant revolution. It is said that Dieter returned with 5 men claiming victory. When asked if the others had died in the battle he laughed stating he thought it better to leave 45 Ulfen Warriors there to ensure him not having to return.

The witch Baba Yaga reads some prophecy one day that she would be over-thrown by a half-man, whom some-day would become a God. Not accepting her fate she sends, after being advised by her circle of seers and witches, Dieter Morgen on an impossible task to find and bring her the eyes of a fortune-teller named Ivanja. Again, this was under the advice of her inner-circle as the saw this woman to be surrounded with great power. Therefore, it was reasoned that Dieter would never survive the encounter.

Finally reaching the Shudderwood, after several attacks along the way, a beaten Dieter arrives at the house of Ivanja and is greeted by name. She tells him everything and leaves him a choice, to either enforce his evil rulers’ wishes and further subject his people to slavery, or accept Desna, the God he secretly worshipped anyway, and destroy the evil Ice Queen.  Without hesitation Dieter accepts the latter, but decides to return to Ulfen immediately.

However, things do not go according to plan, as he is reminded of his mortality once again and realises he lacks the power to taken on the Cold Ones by himself. He reluctantly returns to Ivanja, who then goes on to set Dieter a task of her own.

Dieter is a professional soldier that has dedicated his life to combat. He is quick to anger, in hostile situations, preferring less talk more action. He drinks, frolics with whores, and drinks all manner of tonics and potions for their narcotic effects.  He does these things as ways fill the hole not having a real family has left in his heart. He loyal to those whom would fight alongside him, taking great measures to ensure their safety, and for that reason there is not an Ulfen Warrior that wouldn’t give their life for Dieter. Although only formally ranked as a Captain, he is referred to as the General, and is required never to bow or salute anyone. His people look to him for hope.

In retaliation to Dieter’s exile, the 1000 strong Ulfen Warriors laid siege to Whitethrone. Dieter is unaware of this at present, and is definitely unaware that his once 1000 strong army has been reduced to 279. They have rescinded their arms and await their messiah’s return, for just as Baba Yaga knew of the prophecy, so too did the Ulfen Warrior Elders.


“I knew you would come…” The hag led the warrior through her chamber, taking his hand as if she’d been given a prize. Each step promised more, intensity flew about the room; it flickered and danced just outside of peripheral view. The warrior noticed a lingering scent, not potent, definitely not offensive, but enough to be acknowledged. It reminded him of the year-end festivities, of the harvest, it reminded him of light.

She brought him to the fireside and gestured for him to sit. Without hesitation he did just that, he sat. He removed his helm, as she began to unfasten his breast-plate. Her fingers tracing along his back familiar symbols, but he was unable to recall the shapes.

“My… you are definitely full courage…” Her voice held glee and he detected no malice.

“Warrior… you are about to embark upon grave times and for this I would like to bestow upon you a gift.”

He’d been down this path before, young, old, all women were the same… doing what they did best. Sure, she was considerably below the usual class of woman he’d come to enjoy. But, he’d be kind and let the witch have her wicked way, it was the least he could do for a devoted admirer. Surely he’d be doing her a favour, ending her obvious loneliness, nobody should have to live in solitude, even for a night. He would simply lay back, close his eyes, and dream of his previous conquest, and when the time came, he’d thrust like an animal, probably impede her mobility for a few days, but at least she’d remember the night she tasted heaven.

“Lady… I’m about to make your day.”

The pain was sharp, and his eyes rolled back as his head fell forward, eventually his whole body slumped to the ground. The witch placed the pestle back into the mortar and stepped over the warrior. She disappeared through drapes into an adjoining room only to immediately return with two elf-maidens bearing surgical tools and parchments.

“We haven’t long…” The hag lifted the warrior like a child and placed him at the centre of the room, the two elves began chanting, this in turn began to set every candle in the room alight. The hag too joined them chanting:

“From the darkness shall come light! From the light, shall flow blood!”

They each began inscribing symbols into the body of the warrior, though it was the hag most affected by their ritualistic act. She appeared to mutter and spit light into the wound openings left by the elves. Several hours had passed, the elves had gone; leaving the hag crouched over the violated warrior. She stroked his face gently, kissing him softly; she followed the contours of his bone structure.

“Definitely… one of my finer exploits.”

His eyes opened… from brilliant blue, to green, then gold. His eyes swirled feral. His skin began fade and rapidly come alive with a forest green hue. The woman slid from the warrior, watching as the man grew in size, his height began to double, and his already muscular frame bulged. She stood there looking at this beast, all the while smiling. It looked at her and the room fell silent.

“You serve me, beast! And only me! You serve Desna.”

The beast inhaled; his breath was deep. With his fists clenched and chest pushed out, he released his rage in the form of a furious roar. With this… Desna smiled.


He stood over her for a moment, staring at her body. He looked beside himself, a man apart. She was his first encounter with the supernatural. A wolf-girl… and now she was gone. Dead. Slain. He had heard stories of beasts, and creatures of hell, but never had he seen one with his own eyes, or killed such a thing with his own blade.

The hag stood forward from her hiding place, and cautiously moved behind the transfixed warrior

“It could have been no other way… this was always to happen. I foresaw it.”

His eyes still fixed on her green, naked, lifeless body.

“We all have a purpose, and she has served hers…”

His helmed head tilted slightly down toward the fortune teller. Steam bellowed from his visor, like a dragon exhaling smoke from its snout.

“If she had never been, you would never accept.”

He drove his glaive into the earth and took a knee.


The hag chuckled, looking at the warrior. “This girl was not strong enough, but you are. She took up a challenge that was never hers to accept. She was destined to fail, a frail thing, desperate to find her way… she needed to find herself. They called her a hero… Fools!” The hag spat upon the ground after speaking of the girl. It was as if she had had personal dealings with her.

The warrior stood and gripped his glaive.

“You have done nothing wrong my child. The Gods have decided upon you to continue the fight… you must seek out the ‘whispering’ one and destroy him.”

“Woman, I am not in the business of taking life because a man should choose to speak in hushed tones. Be gone with you, witch!” The warrior gently pushed the woman away, ushering her to move on, shooing her like a child.

“Then this girl has died in vain, and all that is evil shall triumph. Our fate lay within the hands of her companions…”

“And she was so important to the fate of our world?”


“So by killing a wolf-girl, I have released a greater evil upon the lands?”


“This wolf girl was going to save the people?”



“You must save the people. You must join the others. This girl was their courage, their might. She was their Beast.”

“I am no beast, lady.”

“No… but you shall be their machine of war, you must go be the people’s champion and remove the evil from the land.”

Behind the helm of the warrior grew a smile, a quiet smile. It was a smile driven by battle-lust. His hands began to tremble, and he could feel his heart pounding.

“What was her name?”


He threw a small pouch at the witch as he began to walk off. “See that she gets a decent burial… and make sure I get one too.”

“Why would you need one?”

“The brave are always the first to die.”


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