Ceris Athiri (Human Rogue)

Ceris Athiri – character development
Level: Rogue 7/Fighter 4
Alignment: Neutral Neutral

At the start of the campaign, Ceris was a trader. She bought and sold goods, both legitimate and illegitimate, and was developing a nice little sideline in acquiring items on commission. She’d worked several times for Professor Lorrimor and liked him a lot. She enjoyed his company, found the work fun, interesting and lucrative, and he didn’t demand anything of her than that she be herself.

When she learned that he’d died she was very upset but it is not in her nature to express grief. She comes from a place where that is viewed as a weakness. It is also not in her nature to work closely with other people. She’s a loner. Her long, frequent absences from Kaer Maga meant that she never joined a gang and was often the victim of the gangs of kids roaming the streets of her hometown.

Ceris was happy to go to Ravengro to pay her respects. When she discovered that Lorrimor had a task for her to complete, she felt this would be a way of saying goodbye, not imagining it would take her beyond Lepidstadt. The reward was also very attractive to her. As she’s got to spend a month in Ravengro she throws herself into looting the prison. Doing this kind of work, and working with these people, is all new to her and carried away with the novelty, she began to imagine a new way of life. She would earn her living by adventuring.

The other members of the party all held Lorrimor in high esteem and this creates a bond. Ceris is used to being wary and suspicious of other people but she has to have a certain level of social skill in order to be a trader. Her guard is down because of her connection to Lorrimor and her grief and she starts to form attachments to the other members of the party.

The first death of Sigmund surprised her. She realised that she’d developed an attachment to these people and she was upset at the loss of the paladin. She began to wonder if there was a different life available to her; one that she could enjoy in the company of friends. When Sigmund was resurrected she was very glad to see him.

Ceris went to Lepidstadt because she was still acting for Lorrimor and because she would get paid. She’s happy to take on Judge Daramid’s mission because she sees it as a step in her new career. The Beast triggers her underdog thing; she doesn’t like to see people ganged up on and bullied and doesn’t think too hard about whether or not they ‘deserve’ it. Her chaotic nature came to the fore and she spent that episode in great confusion. She really didn’t know which way was up. The ‘judgement’ of Caromac made her realise that ‘good’ is a bunch of hooey. It’s just a post-rationalisation for doing whatever you want. She doesn’t buy the idea that it’s for someone else’s benefit. Ceris had few illusions before this but she lost a couple that day.

On the way to the Shudderwood she resolves to focus on getting the job done and earning a reputation as someone who is reliable and efficient. She see a future career as a mercenary/adventurer but knows if the actions of the party gain her a reputation for doing a job in the bloodiest way possible, she’s screwed. Daggmar and Roguard threaten to derail her new-found discipline when they are under the influence of lycanthropy and she feels things slipping out of control again.

Then she goes to Feldgrau without them and Malvern and Azenutine die. This affects Ceris deeply. She hasn’t yet grieved properly for Lorrimor and is ill-equipped to deal with her feelings. She sees Lorinthor’s vow of vengeance as a result of him being more in love with the idea of being a hero than genuinely wanting to destroy the Whispering Way. For several days after the events of Feldgrau, Ceris is depressed.

She decides the best way to deal with her feelings is to never get close to anyone again. She won’t make the same mistake twice. If she doesn’t care about her companions, she won’t care when they die. She can’t be hurt if she isn’t vulnerable Making friends is too risky. She can work with people to achieve their goals, although she feels far from her last payday at this point and is questioning why she is continuing with the group.

During the interlude she takes the opportunity to teach Lorinthor stealth. This will help her be more disciplined, both in terms of getting the job done, curbing her impulsive tendencies and keeping her word, and in terms of resisting overtures of friendship. Lorinthor wants to build a bond with her and she is resolved to remain free of such encumbrances. Tentatively, she and Roguard come to an agreement regarding him paying her to undertake some tasks on behalf of the Church of Pharasma. This enables her to view the attachment she feels to him as a contractual relationship, but deep down she knows this is the Beast all over again. She thinks the party gangs up to pick on Roguard and she doesn’t care that he’s evil.

Daggmar didn’t leave the Shudderwood with them and Ceris doesn’t believe she ever will. Grief is just piling up on grief. She is offended by the cheerfulness and levity of the new members of the party, although to fully understand why she’s angry she would have to acknowledge how much she’s been affected by the loss of her friends.

Once they arrive in Illmarsh another pay day presents itself and she is able to seek refuge in work. She doesn’t care about saving the Tolbeys and their baby, because she’s not motivated by protecting the innocent, she’s motivated by protecting the bullied. There’s no profit in resurrecting the Tolbeys and it’s a distraction from the job they’ve been paid to do.

Roguard’s death deprives her of a further link to Lorrimor, the object of her crusading zeal (she’ll need a new underdog), and an employer. Ceris feels very alone in a party of good-aligned characters. The last remaining link to Lorrimor is Sigmund and while she feels generally positive towards the paladin, she struggles to find a way to relate to him.


Name: Ceris Athiri
Level: Rogue 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Desna, Norgorber
Homeland: Varisia
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Background: She is known around these parts as Ceris Athiri; a young woman who did some work for Professor L. Plenty of people had contracts from the Professor but not everybody took the opportunity to trade with the locals. Need an amulet to attract a lover? A relic for the altar of your favourite deity? A special trinket for the grave of a loved one? Ceris always seems to have the right item at the right price.
In other parts of the world she has other names; Rythi Shelden, Ana Moran, Liv D’Erone.

‘Adopted’ as a child by a Varisian caravan, she grew up in Varisia but her comparatively pale skin marked her as an outsider. Her early years were marked by much travelling and she was fascinated by the tombs of ancient heroes and kings, especially by the tales of the riches buried with them. When she was older, she returned to find out if the stories were true. She learnt that the graves had been robbed long ago but gained some useful skills along the way. These she used on the tombs of the recently deceased wealthy but anonymous. The pickings here were better. She was never able to resist the lure of an ancient tomb though, and occasionally she made some real discoveries. That was what brought her to the notice of the Professor and he hired to find some specific items that he believed were hidden in the tombs of long-dead notables. Ceris always found what he required and had been looking forward to more lucrative work.

Ceris always make a point of selling what people need. No money is too small, no trade too mean. No need so nefarious that she will scruple to accommodate it.

She has reddish-brown hair, light olive skin and green eyes. She has a plain face, which suits her because she doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd. She’s a serious young woman, who seems older than she is. Growing up in Varisia was tough and she learned to fight off unwanted attention. She may not be strong, but she’s quick and acts fast.

She sees herself as a trader in exotic goods and while she’s self-aware enough to know that what she does is theft, she thinks of that as a minor detail. Part of her wants to be respectable and part of her wants the adventure.

She has learnt Azlanti and a little Necril from her graverobbing exploits, and has knowledge of history, geography and religion associated with her obsession with tombs. She also speaks a smattering of elven, dwarven, and orc, focussed mainly on terms for buying and selling goods.

Character Sheet (level 1)


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