Bio: Having been left as an infant on the door-step of a human orphange, Azenutine quickly grew to dislike the bullying of most of the other children at the orphanage. Almost 10 years ago, sick of the cruel pranks and violence, Azenutine ran away with a human friend, who equally was ostracised for a slight stammer. They have since become estranged.

The professor knew Azenutine because he, unlike the rest of the establishment could see past the pointy ears and the plain clothes of  the young man, who made it as comfortable as possible to be a homeless half-elf. Perhaps the professor even spotted the magical portents as he asked the young Azenutine to complete an errand a couple of years ago – an errand which was completed to satisfaction.

Lorrimer brought Azenutine back and introduced him to a fairly high ranking thief (who no doubt owed a favour or two). Azenutine refused to stay in a more high society setting, and to the Professor this was a compromise of having the half-elf around for errands, and to satisfy his individual curiosity.

The lieutenant of the thieves guild meanwhile valued the half-elf’s uncanny ability with magic devices, shrewd mind and pleasant demeanour for more clandestine and back-office tasks within the guild. Other thieves could take better care of the more mercenary side of the business but he knew that Azenutine was special. Whilst not a major foot soldier, life on the harsh streets has taught Azenutine the odd trick of disabling any street urchin attacking him. .

In terms of personality, Azenutine reflects the attitude given to him as a half-elf by the rest of society. He wishes no one harm, and so long as he isn’t bothered by anyone, he pursues his business, and that of his client. Within the thieves guild, there is a little more respect perhaps, but even here Azenutine is more seeing it as a means to an end. In truth, Azenutine is intrigued by his magical ability, and whilst some may stem from his unknown elven parentage, he feels there is more to it than this. He feels that the thieves guild is a good place to keep a tab on magic items, without being seen to do so by the magic fraternity.

He likes to dress in comfortable, inconspicuous clothes, which apart from making him blend in with the crowds, also hides the weapons he carries for his protection, and any leather armour he may be wearing. He prefers to venture out in the misty and rainy weather, as wearing a cape conveniently hides his half-elven features.

Character Sheet (level 1)


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