The Characters

These are the characters taking part in the campaign. Follow the links to read their biographies.

A half-elf rogue/sorcerer (d. 19th Gozran 4711)

Ceris Athiri
A human rogue/fighter

A half-orc barbarian/beastrider (d. Gozran 4711)

Dieter Morgen
A Human barbarian

Lorinthor Hathem
An elf mage

Malvern Rimonus
A human ranger (d. 19th Gozran 4711)

The Publican
A Human monk of no deity

Roguard Ghaler
A human cleric of Pharasma with bardic tendencies (d. 5th Erastus 4711)

Rustin Beaverbrook
A Halfling druid with his menagerie

Sigmund von Valice
A human paladin

Silver Ravenwolf
An Elf fighter


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