Saint Roguard the Mendicant

Excerpt from Purity through Penitence: The Life of Saint Roguard the Mendicant.  As written by Brother Anton, The Chapel of Guilts, Barstoi, 4820.

“And so, Saint Roguard and his disciples went forth from the foul den of iniquity and liberalism that was Lepidstadt on a holy crusade against the evils of the Whispering Way and their blasphemous teachings.  Having delivered the foul Count Caromac, creator of the murderous Beast of Lepidstadt, Saint Roguard’s righteousness was ascendant; it is said that the seed of his divinity was so great that his companions found his sight hard to bear, such was the burden of their wickedness.

It was on the road to Ascanor Lodge, decadent retreat of the hedonistic aristocracy, that the Lady saw fit to test Saint Roguard’s faith.  A great wolf, a hell-sent beast that mocked the purity of Man by mimicking human speech, accosted him.  With the Saint’s guidance, the disciples slew this creature of sin incarnate, though in the heat of the battle both Saint Roguard and She Whose Name is a Curse Upon the Righteous were bitten and subsequently contracted that most unclean of afflictions; Lycanthropy.

For the remaining nights until the full moon, Saint Roguard prayed to the Lady for guidance and forgiveness; yet, the Lady was silent.  It was during this time that both Saint Roguard and  She Whose Name is a Curse Upon the Righteous suffered greatly under their shared affliction and did commit acts of depravity, but where Saint Roguard bore his suffering with humility and penitence, that other revelled in it and actively sought to expedite the further degradation of her blood.

It is to the credit of his faith that, even whilst labouring to resist unholy urges, he was still a pillar of righteousness among his disciples; ever seeking to be an example to them and to guide them along the true path.  He even sought to redeem She Whose Name is a Curse Upon the Righteous by enlisting her in his interrogation of the foul witch, Madame Ivanja, whose crimes included pledging her soul to dark powers, using profane devices to foresee the future, wanton harlotry, and conspiring with agents of the Whispering Way.

In the end the full moon did rise, for even the celestial travellers must submit to the Lady’s plan, and under its silvery light the true nature She Whose Name is a Curse Upon the Righteous was revealed; a feral beast thinly guised in human form.  Yet as the evil one was exposed, so too was Saint Roguard’s unyielding devotion rewarded; at the Lady’s touch, the corruption in his blood was cleansed.  Thus was the sanctification of Saint Roguard the Mendicant; Finder of Witches, Banisher of Murderous Ghosts, Accuser of the Beast, Vessel of the Will of the Lady of Graves.”


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