Obituary: Roguard Ghaler

Transcript of a divination by Sister Hilde the Anchorite, The Vault of Tears, Barstoi. 5th Erastus 4711

“Let lamentations ring out from every corner of the land, for Brother Roguard of the Order of the Iron Gauntlet has passed from this existence of suffering into the arms of the Lady. Lo, the young shall weep bitter tears, the old shall gnash their teeth as they wail, and even the sinful shall pause to mark the passing of their most feared nemesis.

Wouldst that it were true that Roguard died at the hands of the foul servants of the cult of Dagon, whose evil works our Brother sought to end. Alas, ’twas not the case, for Roguard was instead slain by the traitorous hands of the miscreants he deigned to travel with, in a dark alliance with a false priest, a shapechanger and a blasphemer. Deep within the bowels of Undiomede House, that pit of corruption where unearthly powers were praised, I see the subhumans, witches and heretics plotting to put their teacher and master to death; some out of envy of his physical and spiritual prowess, others simply to assuage the dark temptations whispered into their black hearts by the infernal powers.

My vision clouds, I see otherworldy birth from physical death; perhaps the apotheosis of Brother Roguard? Verily, as a reward for his unswerving loyalty it seems that the Lady raised him to the status of Exarch; truly a fitting fate for one so devoted to his works. But no, horror upon horror as the treachery of the betrayers knows no bounds; as the fledgling divinity came into being it was struck down by the unholy powers that Brother Roguard’s companions have clearly pledged their souls to. This the blackest of days!

From hereafter, let Brother Roguard be known as Saint Roguard the Mendicant, and let the names of the betrayers forever be struck from the annals of history. From here on these names are a curse upon the righteous.”


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