Lepidstadt Express

Lepidstadt Express, 9th Gozran 4711


I followed behind at a distance all the while examining her rump as it swayed from side to side. She wore no under-garments and her nightwear clung to her frame due to the humid night. I was heavily aroused and eager to perform a very personal interview. She was telling me of her life but I found it difficult to maintain concentration. We stopped at the door to her room. She turned to look at me and smiled. I returned the smile and she gave a small chuckle.

Her room reflected nothing of the woman before me. Weapons, armour, maps; all lay strewn on the bed, the floor, and the dresser. She was most definitely an unorganised individual.

“Ask your questions little man, and make it quick.”

I was somewhat put-out by this sudden change in manner; she appeared to be hurrying, as if she had somewhere to be going. I was surprised to see an ink-well and fine brush on her desk, with an apparent half-written letter.

“Calligraphy and swordsmanship go hand in hand.”

A little startled that she had noticed me surveying the room/.I withdrew into myself. She looked at me and sighed. I’m guessing I must have come across disappointed. And in response to my disappointment she leapt on to the bed laughing.

‘We haven’t got long so maybe, instead of standing there looking pitiful, you could help me with my boots?’

She kicked her legs out at me; they seemed to go on forever, a porcelain green sheen. I hadn’t even realised but I was already half perched on the bed and clasping one boot on my lap.

“So you wanted to know about my parents? Am I right?”

I hesitated…


“They’re both dead. My father was an orc chieftain and my mother a half-elf assassin. Next?”

I had removed one boot, and proceeded to the next.

“Do you plan on, one day, settling down and making a family yourself?”

She burst out into laughter.

“By the grace of Calistria, if I live long enough to find a real man I’ll give it some thought.”

She chuckled some more. Both boots were removed, and yet she still left her feet on my lap. In an attempt to reclaim some of my dignity I kept my eyes on her legs. Mistake… They had light scars and were smooth; why was I expecting bristles? Without me knowing it, I had begun to massage her feet. Rather than stopping immediately, I continued as though it was natural, she said nothing so I asked another question, which she ignored.

“How did you meet the late professor Lorrimor?”

“I was trained to be a courtesan… And some things you never forget…”

She paused looking at me. Watching as my eyes quickly darted about the room, she probably even noticed me stealing glances from the mirrors, yet she made no attempt to shield herself from me.

“I like to maintain a certain level in terms of my appearance and have found my martial pursuits an added bonus to keeping my body in good stead. I enjoy poetry and dance…”

She paused again.

“Would you like me to dance for you? Or would you be satisfied if I let your lips touch my skin?”

I sat there dazed… her foot came up to my chin and she pressed her toes onto my lips. I had succumbed to my base desires and allowed my lustful thoughts get the better of me. I reasoned that  if suckling this exotic creature’s toes was to be the only intimate experience we shared, I would take it, and make it my own.

“The professor was a good man, eccentric, but good nevertheless. I had made my way to the Dragon Empires after abandoning my tribe…”

She let out a quiet moan, all the while my tongue dancing about her feet.

“A price had been placed on my head that had a fair few opportunists/bounty hunters intending to collect. I was eventually caught, tried and found guilty in a small parish within the Tian-Min province. Luckily for me, the professor had business there…”

I had become quite the slavering dog and I had no intention of stopping. I had begun my ascension.

“He had them over-turn my sentence (which was death), and I was placed under his charge. He was accompanied by a small retinue of samurai and few knights from the Order of the Shield. And it’s from them I received my training…”

“You’re a knight?!?”

I had screamed out my disbelief, stopping abruptly, saliva dripping from my mouth, some spraying, and probably offending the mighty Daggmar. Once again I had managed to surprise myself, I had somehow managed to work my way closer to this female ‘knight’ and was fully seated on the bed, with a possible 1 foot distance between my face and her inner thighs. I should also make a point of saying that Daggmar seemed to be very keen on looking out of the window. Why was I so attracted to her?

“So asking me about my parents was pointless… you should’ve asked about my family… The Order of the Shield is my family, and as for where I call home… That would be Kasia, in Tian Xia. As a result; my actual name is Nakayama Ayuna, and I was adopted, so to speak, by Nakayama Yoshiro, and he is Kodenbushi, he is my real father, second only to the Shogun himself. Is my father proud of the life I have chosen? Does he approve of me masquerading as a barbarian? Well… he doesn’t know. I came to Ravengro to pay my respects to the man that gave me my family. Instead, I find myself regressing to the very thing that the late professor went through great lengths to save me from. “

I could feel a tension lingering in the air.

“Little man… I’m only going to say this once. You can leave your finger inside me, but I’ll assume it’s a gift and as I’m of a pleasant nature I shall accept your ‘hand’ as a ‘gift’ and take it with me wherever I go.”

She gestured with her eyes to her right. I followed to the place where she was looking and understood immediately. Her hand was clasping an unsheathed curved blade. I slowly slid my hand from between her legs and knew that I had gone too far. As much as I feared for my life, I still wanted to ‘know’ her.

“Thank you, now… behind you, at the end of the bed, on the ottoman, are the undergarments I wore earlier today. Do with them as you please, but make sure the snake spits its venom. Do you understand me? I have neither the time nor the inclination to help you live out lustful flights of fancy. You asked earlier if I wished to start a family. Well… I stand firm in my belief that a ‘real’ man is what I am after, and definitely not one that lives for the tales of others.”

Did I hear correctly? What was this creature asking me to do? She was mocking me? And, if I were to be truthful… there was nothing I could do about it. I slowly began to unfasten my belt, when she leapt up and pounced on me. I fell back hitting my head on one of the bed posts. Leaning into me she whispered into my ear,

“That’s how I felt every minute of my waking life, as a child, helpless and humiliated.”

She kissed me on the lips but I remained stunned.

“I would never wish that on anyone, but how could you understand, if you’ve never experienced anything similar? You probably want to hear of wars, battles, fights and all other grotesques, but I’m sure this will be the closest you’ll ever come to living the life of your study. From the moment we met you judged me on how I looked and against what you thought I’d be. Admittedly, wearing my nightwear was a vulgar decision; however, you could have easily dismissed it as the ‘clumsy’ orc, you are no different to some of the people I travel with now…”

Things began to get interesting. She got up from the bed and used some linen to wipe away my shameful desires, cursing under her breath. Gaining some composure I managed to scramble from the bed and find myself a seat at the dresser. Rather than allow an eerie silence to manifest, I dove straight in.

“Tell about the people you travel with.”

She smirked.

“I travel with the most unsavoury cleric ever to have graced the living world.”

“What a remarkable statement…”

“I was always taught that people inclined to point fingers always have fingers pointing back at themselves. That one is hiding something, and if he proves to be less than the holy official he claims to be, I’ll deliver him back to his dark master. I’m just glad we have a paladin within our ranks to counter his cultist approach to ministering the ‘word’. The paladin is honest, and an example of how a man of faith should conduct their proceedings. Sneaky undertakings should be left to the bureaucrats, and left out of places of worship.”

“A bit naïve of you… don’t you think?”

“Only because we entertain bureaucracy within our institutes of faith. Granted, we are all flawed, but to actively set out to vanquish difference is an act of ignorance at its worst. To think you are so enlightened, or close to perfection, or within reach of it; is the foundation for a many a traveller along the dark path.”

“You wouldn’t happen to be a secret paladin?”

“I was not aware such a thing could exist.”

My last question concluded our encounter. Daggmar began to don her armour and made no further attempt to acknowledge me. I could see the veins surfacing beneath her skin. I had pushed too far, and was not about to push any further, but I had to ask. Just before I opened the door to leave I asked:

“Lady Nakayama, are you planning to return to your father and resume your tasks as his personal retainer? Or are you happy as you are? Knowing you’ll never be accepted as true samurai?”


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