Hello Caliphas Exclusive Si-Ra Interview!!!

Dolores DeLarge talks to the It-girl turned Hit-girl about love, fashion and social equality!

Dolores DeLarge: I’m sitting in the guest lounge of Ye Olde Travel Lodge opposite the woman who has set tongues wagging with her return to the Caliphas social scene; Astrea Ithilkir, now known as Silver Ravenwolf.  Silver, darling, you look fabulous. Talk us through your look.

Si-Ra: Well, I’m wearing a mix of vintage elven attire and items looted from slain enemies, with accessories by Lorinthor Hathem; a close personal friend and the enfant terrible of the enchanted fashion world.  He made this amulet for me personally; he has such an artistic flair when it comes to women’s fashion.

DD: Hmm, and my little birds tell me that’s not all he has an eye for.  I hear that the two of you have been working together on some charitable endeavours.  How romantic.

SR: That’s right, Dolores, my Lors has been such a dear; helping me to ensure that the ill-gained wealth of Caliphas’ bourgeoisie is properly shared among the less fortunate.  I’m establishing the Ithilkir Worker’s Trust; a charitable organisation that will provide free access to medical care and spells for the workers of our fair city.

DD: A very generous goal, sweetie.  Is this a confession of your involvement in the daring daylight raid on The Nobleman’s Stitch, by any chance?  Rumours abound that Lorinthor and yourself are a modern-day Bonhilde and Klyde!

SR: I can neither confirm nor deny those allegations, except to say that the capitalist filth of Caliphas have oppressed the Proletariat for too long!  Down with the pigs, and fu-

DD: -er, yes!  Strong sentiments indeed!  I’m afraid that all we have time for.  From myself and all the readers of Hello Caliphas, I wish you all the best in your endeavours.  Perhaps when you let Lorinthor make an honest woman of you we can cover the wedding?

SR: Please, I don’t need a man to define me.  That’s another way that the Patriarchate keeps us in our place!  You and your readers can go to the Nine Hells, you shallow, fame-obsessed cu-

DD: And that concluded my interview with Caliphas’ very own wild child, mercenary and philanthropist; Silver Ravenwolf!  A very free-spirited and independent woman, who clearly know what she wants and isn’t afraid to get knee-deep in the blood of the rich to get it!


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