The Campaign

Prologue: Grim News

Chapter One
Haunting of Harrowstone I
Several adventurers arrive in Ravengro for the funeral of a man who was important in their lives and for the reading of his will. He has left them something, but is it what they expect?

Haunting of Harrowstone II
After an eventful few days the adventurers find themselves fighting for their lives in the ruins of the old prison.

Ravengro Post
Interviews with the heroes of Ravengro

Chapter Two
Trial of the Beast I
A straightforward errand to run for an old friend. What could possibly go wrong?

Trial of the Beast II
The creaky mechanics of justice in Lepidstadt turn the wheel of fate in a direction no one wants to go. We are fighting for our lives but with less conviction this time.

Lepidstadt Express
Our front line reporter gets an exclusive interview with Daggmar, one of the key players in the mysterious derailing of the Trial of the Beast. Yet somehow, he doesn’t get what he deserves.

Azenutine’s Mysterious Disappearance
The last recorded words of Azenutine.

Chapter Three
Broken Moon I
We are engaged by the Order of the Palatine Eye to discover what the Whispering Way are up to, and our journey takes us to the Shudderwood. A misnomer, surely.

Broken Moon II
Werewolves and necromancers and skeleton warriors, oh my. We catch up with the Whispering Way and not all of us return from the encounter.

Purity through Penitance: The Life of Saint Roguard the Mendicant
An excerpt from the entirely accurate and objective biography of Roguard Ghaler, written a century after the events of The Carrion Crown Campaign.

The Journey from Shudderwood to Thrushmoor
Two months pass as we travel from the Shudderwood to Thrushmoor in pursuit of the Whispering Way. We reflect on how our experiences have changed us and new companions join our party.

Chapter Four
Wake of the Watcher I
In Illmarsh we find some strange goings on and it’s not all necromancy. The party’s cohesion remains as loose as ever; will we turn on each other before we reach the final confrontation with the Whispering Way?

Wake of the Watcher II
The secrets of Illmarsh are revealed and the party undergoes great change. After what we’ve seen, after what we’ve done, will things ever be the same again?

The beatification of Roguard Ghaler

Chapter Five
Ashes at Dawn I
With great power comes great responsibility. What will we be responsible for in Caliphas?

Hello Caliphas, Exclusive Si-Ra Interview!
Dolores DeLarge talks to the It-girl turned Hit-girl about love, fashion and social equality!

Ashes at Dawn II
We are closing in on the Whispering Way and the stakes are getting higher. Will we all make it to the end?

Are Silver and Lorinthor’s charitable activities all they seem to be?

Chapter Six
Shadows of Gallowspire I
Our goal is close and the Whispering Way are only just ahead of us, but we have no moral compass and may be more lost than ever.

Shadows of Gallowspire II
The final part of our journey and our last chance to find our inner heroes. Is Ustalav safe?


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