About the Players

Victoria’s and Christopher’s first collection of dark and disturbing fiction, Fragments, is now available at DriveThruFiction.com. Creepy and horrifying, Fragments is 99p and 81 pages of darkness…

Victoria Snelling

Victoria writes speculative fiction and is new to roleplaying, but has a lot of experience of living in a fantasy world.

She blogs about books and writing at http://victoriasnelling.wordpress.com/

Christopher Smith

Christopher is an amateur artist, writer and games designer. You can view a selection of his work here: http://wodvamp.deviantart.com/

Christopher will be GMing the campaign

Terry Bassett

Terry has been roleplaying on-and-off for several years – mainly in a LARP called ‘Real Life’, in which he plays a mature student/aspiring librarian.  He has a fledgling weekly blog, available here and here
Simon Brake

Roleplayer for about 25 years, creative artworker for about 20, writer of mostly unpublished materials for about 15 years, and father since 2005. Fan of horror and humour in equal measure, and in particular a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. Currently devoting more time to writing and finishing off big projects, but there’s always time for roleplaying. His blog can be found here.

Cerie Bullivant

Cerie is a writer, journalist and filmmaker. He has been an avid roleplayer since he was 9 years old, starting with ADnD. He doesn’t have a blog or do any awesome art but he can make an awesome pot-noodle dinner.


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